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Alaska Services was started with a sole aim of providing safety from mosquitoes. The work is continuously going on and touching more greater heights each and every day. We are a name to reckon with when it comes to the category of mosquito net for windows in Chennai and mosquito net for doors in Chennai . We cover all the areas of Chennai. First and foremost we have many other services and works and in each and every category we always maintain our work quality, material quality and customer support quality. These three process when comes together it can take any company to a good reputation and greater heights.

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Removable Nets

Velcro type mosquito nets are the most commonly used. It is low in cost and can be removed and fixed when wanted.

Open Type Nets

This opening type mosquito net can be made for both windows and doors. Single and double frame method is also available.

Pleated Type Nets

Pleated type mosquito nets are designed and looks like the window curtain system. It can be installed on different frames.

Sliding Type Nets

Sliding type mosquito nets are also preferred by many. It gives a neat and clean look and the functionality of it is also very easy.

Roller Type Nets

As the name suggests roller type net and shutter type mosquito nets are pulled from up to down and rolled back.

As far as the prevention from mosquitoes is concerned, we have mentioned so many times that it can be life threatening and we have insisted and suggested to many of our customers to install the mosquito nets and not to think about the cost as it is worth it. Because mosquito nets are life saving and we do our work with great care and make sure that all the spaces in the windows and doors are covered and makes it safe for people living in there. Our fixing of mosquito net for windows in Chennai consists of different materials and different patterns. We deal in velcro type mosquito nets, roller type mosquito nets, shutter type mosquito nets, slider type mosquito nets, retractable type mosquito nets, pleated type mosquito nets, barrier free type mosquito nets, window type mosquito nets, door type mosquito nets, etc. We fix many types of mosquito nets for doors in Chennai and that also has different materials and different patterns. These different types and materials gives many options to the customers who can select their type of requirement and also as per the cost. The mosquito net price at our company is always very low when you take into consideration the mosquito net price of the other companies.


We at Alaska Services are working with the aim of providing solutions against the problems causes by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes should not be taken lightly as we have mentioned so many times that it is indeed life threatening. Many lives are lost due to leniency. The best option is to fix mosquito net. We are the pioneers providing mosquito net for windows in Chennai and also mosquito net for doors in Chennai which covers almost all the areas of the city. Never ever worry about the mosquito net price as we are wholesalers and get the nets direct from the manufacturers and that is why our mosquito net cost is very low. We always inform customers to not worry about the mosquito net cost and instead focus on our quality material and work. The work is done at a very fast pace and at the mentioned time.


As per the types of net is considered most people prefer window type mosquito net. The windows type mosquito net opens just like window and people find it user friendly. Many people also opt for velcro type mosquito net but the velcro type mosquito net has to be removed totally and then stuck back. But as far as window type mosquito net is concerned it can be opened without detaching it and closed as well. The net comes in two materials, one as stainless steel window mosquito net and the other one as velcro type window mosquito net. Both are of good quality but stainless steel mosquito net can withstand more years than the velcro mosquito net. Door type mosquito net demand is also on the rise. Door type mosquito net for doors can solve the problems of mosquitoes entering through main door. This can be done in both fibre mesh as well as with ss mesh. SS mosquito nets are suitable for people who are looking for long term solutions. Stainless steel mosquito net cost is on the little higher side when compared to fibre. Please check our mosquito net images gallery which contains work done by us. Also do visit our Alaska Services Office for any queries.



Project Work Flow Process

We have a work flow process which streamlines our working process to make it easier to complete the task in time and to give a better output to the customers.

Customer Requirement

We take down what is the requirement and expectations of the customers.


Measurement of the windows and doors taken from customer site.

Pricing & Approval

We do work on nominal price. Once the customer gives approval the work is started.

Installation of Nets

The installation is done. Rechecking is done so that the work is done fine.

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We at Alaska Services make sure that the customers are protected from mosquitoes in an efficient and natural way.

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Alaska Services are the top mosquito net fixing companies in Chennai. If you are looking for mosquito net for windows in Chennai then our company is the right choice. Also mosquito net for doors in Chennai work is also done. Many people take the protection against mosquitoes for granted. But it should be avoided as the mosquitoes and other insects can be very dangerous and cause serious illness. From dengue, malaria, chikunguinea, etc. to other diseases you name them, are caused by mosquitoes. Imagine the diseases caused to children and small age people at our home. Now this is very painful so the best option is to contact our mosquito net for windows and doors fixing services in Chennai. We having been in the category of mosquito net for many years and this propels us to give complete protection. We have mentioned many times to many customers that nets are very natural and has zero harm on humans. Whereas the repellents, coils, creams and sprays does emit fumes and smokes which avoid mosquitoes. But the same fumes and smokes are also not good for human beings and can cause side effects and breathing problems to the people. We know about these and that is why we insist on mosquito net fixing. Our company which stands at the top position among many companies who provide mosquito net for windows in Chennai and mosquito net for doors in Chennai. Also look at our Alaska Services Infograph which has a brief representation of our Company.